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Vexatus "Atom Pompeii" Redrum666 Records

After three years since the release of their debut, Vexatus strikes back. "Atom Pompei" brought us eight compositions. Does their style changed? Yes, a little bit – I think they sailed to the Swedish coast more closer than on the previous one, especially if we are talking about the sound. And if I heard a lot of Vader on the first album, now there is a lot of entombish inspirations. The guitars, the vocal reminds me the band which have recorded “Inferno” so much. From the other side – it is really OK, when you listen to this CD, but I can not do it too often. Don't get me wrong – when they play faster it is OK, but when the tempo is getting slower it sounds like they want to make the track longer – then I don't feel the power in it. I rather want them to play like in the “Half – Life”, which is the last track on the album. There aren't unnecessary slow-downs, which makes this album a little tiresome. The whole album is fine, without an ecstasy, but also without disappointment.

1. Slaves of Korea
2. Tenebrae
3. Dogma
4. Lebensborn
5. Atom Pompeii
6. The Archangel's Slaughterhouse
7. Clades Variana
8. Half-Life


Review by: Oracle