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Debauch "The Seeping Wound"

Yeah, this guy knows how to create good music. He proved it with The Wakedead Gathering, and now he proved it again with Debauch. And once again I am comparing two bands each other. But the differences are hear able here, even if I would have only one hear, it would be obvious. "The Seeping Wound" includes a great conglomerate of strong doom metal mixed with simply death metal, poured of grim and obscure sound. I even don't know why, but it is associate to me with Mortician in some moments, but I am talking here rather about the sound, not the music itself. Basically, it is quite rhythmical playing in the vein of Swedish death metal (but some moments in "Libertine" in fact fits to the Will Rahmer" band). And when the music changes on the more doom metal way, we can hear there a music, which could be describe as a mix of Cathedral and Saturnalia Temple. So, twenty minutes of this stuff is pretty worth to listen to. So I can give You an advice' get in touch with Drew, maybe he has still some copies of this demo. Because "The Seeping Wounds" was released in June and since then I was listen to it many of times!

1. The Seeping Wound
2. Sadistically Abused
3. Libertine
4. Altar of Filth




November 29/2011
Review by: Oracle