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The Wakedead Gathering "Tenements of Ephemera" Dark Descent Records/Skeleton Plague

Immediately after joining weight of underground death metal, in the asphalt of the tip of my mind is The Wakedead Gathering "Tenements of Ephemera"...Old school death metal, mega massive, with a brilliant feeling. And the most surprised that the whole thing is done by one man. This is probably the first really recommended, a very good death metal sound, which comes to my mind. The Wakedead Gathering nowhere in no hurry, the music is slow, so slow that at times borders on doom metal  and on association with Asphyx, Incantation, Immolation, or are basically correct. Laborious, deadly massive guitars slowly smashes the listener ears, but the band is not afraid to also increase the pace and intensity of his music, actually the faster pace is as well as the slow, more or less in balance in equal proportions, which goes extremely smooth. Also, the vocal lines. Death metal maniacs, this disc (and indeed tape collectors) will be delighted in my humble opinion, because it is a real return to the tradition of underground metal, death, twenty years ago. "Tenements of Ephemera" is another mega decent disc, which I got last time and have to admit, makes me very happy. Fucking death metal underground attacking again!

1. A Sunless Road         
2. The Jury         
3. Caterwaull         
4. The Black Foundry         
5. Wasps From the Chamber of the Divine         
6. In the Offing         
7. Permutation         
8. Bewrayed by False Histories         
9. Doomborn

The Wakedead Gathering



 July 23/2010
Review by:  Oracle