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Supreme Lord "Father Kaos" Witching Hour Productions

Yeah, fuck yeah! After a several years of silence Supreme Lord has returned with the new material. And they broke my legs! Well, the title itself is pretty nice for me "Father Kaos" haha. But the music is most important, still brutal, still oldschool. But they do not wear oldschool panties because it is fashionable. They are just old school to the bone. Those eight tracks crushes by their weight, groovy riffs will grind You like a meat machine, just listen to the title track and will understand what I mean, when I say 'groove'. Every track is like a sulfurous kick in the ass, after which we want more, isn't it strange, Really, "Father Kaos" is probably the most popular record in my player recently. And I am pretty astonished, why not everyone likes their blasphemous death metal. I know that I have not too excessive expectations, but even despite that fact, Supreme Lord did a lot of great job here. It crushes me every time. And if someone isn't crush enough, then he can listen to the Blasphemy and Witchmaster covers. So, this album is far better than a debut' with the devil in heart, and blasphemy in mouth, high class death metal.

1. Stop The Silence
2. Massacration
3. The Be(a)st Is From Hell
4. Father Kaos
5. Blood Is A Life
6. Shame Ov God
7. Legion Of Doom
8. Supreme Lord
9. Profanation ( Incantation cover)
10. Legion Of Doom (Bonus track from demo 2006)
11. Ritual ( Blasphemy Cover ) (Bonus track from demo 2006)
12. Tormentor Infernal ( Witchmaster Cover ) (Bonus track from demo 2006)

Supreme Lord

December 30/2011
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