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Sanguis Imperem "In Glory We March Towards Our Doom" Hells Headbangers Records

I don't know this band before "In Glory We March Towards Our Doom". But I have to tell ya, that the title of the album doesn't lie at all. Sanguis Imperem is a quartet from California, but You can forget about the sunny music from that area, haha. They play just like they look" so You should expect strong, mighty death metal. It isn't very old school to be honest, whole album sounds pretty great, clear and for sure it isn't another Grave wannabe band. It isn't music for sissies, that's for sure. Sanguis Imperem is following the path traced by ram through human bodies by such bands like Deicide, Bolt Thrower or early Immolation. Mighty guitars grinds bones of enemies and on their last trip they hears a crushing vocal in a Benton's vein. Yeah, it is real brutal slaughter, where murderous sounds falls by hundreds, breaking our necks or crushing us totally. The majority of this stuff is served with high speed, but sometimes we gets a slow-down, but not too often. And even then it is only a calm before the storm. It is real merciless stuff. So, I am putting Sanguis Imperem on my list, check their earlier materials!

1. Nil Igitur Est Mors Ad Nos
2. The Scourge of Men
3. Possessed by Violence
4. Strapped to the Crank Wheel
5. Inherit Decay
6. Praeternatural Order
7. Heralds of Triumph
8. Pathetic Obsecrations
9. The Crucifilth

Sanguis Imperem


December 11/2011
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