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Ominous Crucifix "The Spell of Damnation" F.D.A. Rekotz

Yeah, I like such surprises! And it is surprising for me, because this record came from nowhere and fucked me up! Today I am exciting by Mexican Ominous Crucifix and the debut of them "The Spell Of Damnation". I received many of promos from this part of the world recently, but most of those records were rather shitty. But now it is different! Ominous Crucifix is a great piece of death metal in vein Of Deicide or Bolt Thrower. We can hear here late 80's and early 90's, and the debuts of aforementioned groups. Yeah, it is really awesome material! Those guys knows how to play such blasphemous old school death metal, they know how it should sound and what they shouldn't, maybe someones name them a cult band even!!!!  I have hellish pleasure when I am listen to Ominous Crucifix, probably the same pleasure, which feels that guy whipping babe in the "Defiling The Altar of the Absent God" (who knows, maybe he is a priest:). And maybe her pleasure is bigger! Oh, forget it! What is important, this album is really great: thick, organic, stinky, aggressive and blasphemous. If somebody feels hungry for it, this record is for him!

1. Third Day Resurrection
2. Putrid Purity
3. Primitive Sin
4. Defiling The Altars of an Absent God
5. Secular Omens of Doom
6. Church of Death
7. The Spell of Damnation
8. Repulsive Sanctification of the Absurd

Ominous Crucifix


January 25/2012
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