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Necrowretch "Now You’re In Hell" Detest Records

These guys have already signed a deal with a Century Media. But before they will start to spend their moneys for chicks and croissants they've paid their tribute to the Underground and recorded a new 7"... I am joking of course with this huge money, because Necrowretch is a typical underground band. They proved it with the aforementioned EP entitled Now You're In Hell". We have there only one their own song "From a Hideous Summoning" so let's have a look. Just like in the case of their earlier MLP, their music ejaculates with inspirations of Morbid Angel's debut album, Autopsy, and a little bit of Sweden with traditional ugly sound. And what's cool as well is Vlad's voice' it isn't a growl, rather some maniacally screams, with the reverberations put on it, thanks to it Vlad's vocal parts sounds more crazy and repulsive. Everything here seems fine, frankly such classical death metal Vomitory shouldn't have any other sound than this one. And when we change the side we have something what should be already well known to everybody. Zombie Ritual. keeping its spirit, but it has a little touch of those French guys. This 7" is worth for all death metal maniacs' attention. And for sure make you hungry for the full-length!

1. From A Hideous Summoning
2. Zombie Ritual (Death Cover)


March 5/2012
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