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Escarnium "Rex Verminorum" Hellthrasher Production

The first time I've met with this Brazilian's commando just when I saw the advertisement about their new EP "Rex Verminorum". And after awhile it has arrived in my mail box. And it was judgement day, especially for my neighbors' they had a rest before, because I was listening to this music in my car, but now the CD is in my home, haha. We have here three new tracks and as a bonus demo "Covered In Decadence". Those, who are looking for Krisiun's rip-off, would be very disappointed. I rather would compare them to the other brigade from their country, Rebealliun. But mainly it is mix of American and European school of death metal. Especially on the demo we can hear some influences of our Vader vide "Slaves Of An Ending Fate". Rex Verminorum is boiling with hatred, covered with brutal riffs and tied with sick solos. The tracks from the EP are very fast and furious, but from the other side such "Self Proclaimed Messiah" is a huge, slow roller on its beginning, with great bass line. Highlight is also Victor's vocal, deep and powerful. Just listen to his entrance in "His Final March" - pure crushing! The sound itself is also an essence of devilish death metal. The intensity of this music could make an impression of the short running time, but don't be fault, it is more than thirty minutes. I've heard that Escarnium works above their debut full-length, so I hold my fingers (upside down) crosses to make them hurry!

1. Dark Clouds Above Hell’s Fire         
2. Self Proclaimed Messiah         
3. Rex Verminorum         
4. Covered in Decadence         
5. Enfeeblement and Iconoclasm         
6. His Final March         
7. Slaves of an Ending Fate




August 15/2011
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