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Decaying "Devastate" Hellthrasher Productions

Decaying is a duo hailing from Finland, which raised on the previous summer to devastating the landscapes with a huge help of their doom/death metal. They've released two demos, and the full length, which is reviewing in this moment. And this debut album includes tracks from the demos, but I don't know, are they re-recorded, or just throw in as they sounds on the tapes. What I don't like is that the tracks from "The Annihilator" demo are mixed alternately with "The New Order" tracks. It is a little strange. Ok, as I said, Decaying is in half a doom and in half death metal, the proportion are fifty,'fifty, hehe. So we have here some influences from Bolt Thrower, Pestilence or Morgoth, but also those Finnish seems to like so slow and apocalyptic stuff, like the slowest stuff from Asphyx or Hooded Menace. And it is all made in a good way. But to be frankly, those fourteen-minutes-long-monsters can be a little to much for someone, especially for those, who want more death than doom. But You have not to be worry; even the drum machine sounds pretty good, so I won't fuck into it, unfortunately, haha. And a word about the vocals, we have here pretty diversity stuff, from Beccera to Mameli, but we have also strong and deep growl in Lindgren's vein. So, another plus for them. But it can not be different, because Decaying did a good album. And I know, that I am pretty fore sightly guy, but I don't give a shit, if You are a maniac of death/doom, You should look for it!

1. Strangled
2. The Aftermath    
3. As the Fire Burns
4. Annihilation
5. New Order
6. …To Decay



September 7/2011
Review by: Oracle