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Blood Mortized "The Key to a Black Heart" F.D.A. Rekotz

Well, writing Svensk Dodsmetal which we can read on the tomb behind the guy from the front cover says everything to us, to be frankly and my description isn't needed here. But hey, I have to tell something about the second album of Blood Mortized. Yap, boys are deep into the creations of their older fellows from Sweden, I think they like especially Dismember and Grave. The sound is very rusty, we have here a rolling riffs and a little bit of melody here and there. Frankly, I thought we would receive here more fucked up and strong music, but Blood Mortized gave us many of slow downs. Among them we have such which fit to the music, but also many of boring tunes, which makes music of these Swedes not so great as I thought it will be. At the end I realized that the key to my black heart doesn't work, I can not open it wide for them... I miss here some serious hit by the undertaker' spade' I like it when they plays a little faster, even if it is totally unoriginal music. But it doesn't matter that then it's fine, if they will make the tempo slower after a while and I think' does they need to rest or what? And that's why I do not return to this album so willingly. So, there are many of death metal albums, especially nowadays. If you are into everything what's Swedish and death metal, then alright, get it. But if You are not, then better focus on something else.

1. Unleashing the Hounds
2. The Heretic Possession
3. Only Blood Can Tell
4. Dead & Rotten
5. Doomsday Architect
6. Rekviem
7. To Murder a God
8. Shadow of the Quarter Sun
9. Bringer of Eternal Death
10. The Key to a Black Heart

Blood Mortized

October 21/2012
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