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Asphyxiate "Self Transform From Decayed Flesh" New Standard Elite

Some of the most brutal death metal on the planet hails from Indonesia. Lumpur, Hydro, Bleeding Corpse, Asphyxiate, Digging Up, Cadavoracity, Interfectorment and a ton of others. So what does Asphyxiate's Self Transform From Decayed Flesh have in common with old death metal? Well, maybe a sound somewhat similar with Suffocation. This is some very brutal stuff if not better. Each track from this album seems to get more sicker than the next, especially when it came time to Feast on the Human Cadaver. I Highly recommend this to ones into early Suffocation or Deeds of Flesh.

1. Suffered in Vivisection
2. Knife in Womb
3. Self Transform from Decayed Flesh
4. Odious Mutation of Cannibalistic Creature
5. Failed Clone of God
6. Decomposing Organs
7. Digested Embryonic
8. Feasting on Human Cadaver
9. Instrument of Defiled Breeder


Review by: Mike