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Amputory Promo 2010

Amputory is a fresh blood, which flew to us from Finland. And that's fine. This material isn't very long, because it's only a promo, but three tracks are alright for such releases, aren't they? The Finns serves us three old school death metal songs in vein of Sweden but also late Carcass, Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel of course; only someone deaf should not hear them in the beginning of "Compulsive Amputation". Rattle vocals vomiting to us lines of lyrics, the guitars grinds our bones and guts once. Only the drums are too quiet for me, it's hard to hear it; hope Amputory fix it on the following releases. Now I will close my eye on it, because that's the rule of the first step. But they don't have to be ashamed because of Promo 2010 - they did their job very good and demonstrated to the listeners that Finlands still have some good death metal bands. And Amputory made their fist step on the right path (but left's hand of course).

1. Enslavement In The Basement
2. Genocidal Breed
3. Compulsive Amputation







April 28/2011
Review by: Oracle