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Disfigured "Amputated Gorewhore" Comatose Music

Every time I receive the package with ad-notional "from Comatose Music" I always go to the kitchen for my butcher's apron. I covered everything with foil and an old news papers. Then I am ready to open the package, because I know, when I would open it I will be pour with blood, guts and excrements. And the same situation took a place with the Disfigured band from Texas, which I have know because of their previous album, "Blistering Of The Mouth". And now, after three years they came back even more ugly and obscure than before."Amputated Gorewhore" is very brutal and sick stuff, as usually when we are saying about bands from this label. But Disfigured is a band, which kept the standards of the brutal playing in its primal form, which protoplasts are Deicide, Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. Guitars remind me a huge wall poured by bowels, and beyond it the hungry zombies appears, which undead heartbeat is like the powerful bass. I really like Disfigured's music, because guys doesn't try to complicate their music more than it's needed. The samples are also in the suitable number. There aren't unnecessary introductions, interludiums etc; this slaughter has pretty good level even without it. Once faster, once slower, but always very efficacious they chops listeners to the pieces; not too little, not too big. So if You like tradition in the death metal with brutal touch, You should take a look after Disfigured's album. It's half of an hour of good death metal ride through your local slaughterhouses.

1. Captured and Mutilated         
2. Cadaver Meatballs         
3. Embalming the Corpse         
4. Chainsaw Buttplug         
5. Vehicular Vasectomy         
6. Cunt Force Trauma         
7. Raping a Retard         
8. Bodyfarm Buffet         
9. Vomit Creampie Surprise         
10. Held Captive for Sodomistic Rituals         
11. Drowning in Feces         
12. Sacrifice the Innocent




September 5/2011
Review by: Oracle